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I enjoy travel as much as the next person but I don't always enjoy the planning for it. Often it takes mores than an hour of research for a simple weekend to a new place. Between sites for food, accommodations, what to do, it can often take up a lot of time...and browser tabs.

While I continue to explore and travel around, I figured I would put together all the info into one place so others can take advantage. There are great sites out there but none seem to have all the info in one spot. One site for food recommendation, one for hikes, one for accommodations, etc. The aim of the site is to provide a one stop shop to get a blueprint for an area. In a world of tabs and windows, I'm aiming to simplify making travel plans.

This won't be an exhaustive list but it will certainly give you a good start to get the week(end) rolling. As time goes on, this will grow and hopefully you'll get to experience a place you've never heard of or thought to go. Uncovering the lesser know known destinations one trip at a time.



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